Rescuers of Jews

Sadauskienė Elena

Elena and Jonas Sadauskas family lived in Trakai district, Lojus village. In the autumn of 1941 they took and hid the daughters of Leizer family – Sonia (about 19 years) and Musia (about 23 years) who escaped from Semelishkiai. They were lucky to escape, after they hid in the forest while their parents, brother and sister Eta were arrested. Sonia's and Musia's relatives together with other residents of Semelishkiai were shot in the close forest. The following spring Sadauskas family transferred the Leizeraites sisters to their relative Michalina Vaitkevičiene. The sisters Musia and Sonia Leizeraites survived. After the war they lived in Vilnius, later left to Israel.
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