Rescuers of Jews

Simutis Feliksas

At the end of 1943 and the first half of 1944 Reizl Shochot was at the Marijona and Feliksas Simutis family, who had a small farm in the Judrenai village near the town Telsiai. This family had a son Albinas born in 1938. Their daughter Morta was born in 1945. After the war, when the Soviets began to organize collective farms, the Simutis family left their farm and settled in the town Telsiai. All the years, when Reizl Shochot lived in Telsiai till 1965, she has close contacts with Marijona and Feliksas Simutis.
Jehoshua Shochot counted that in the years of hiding he had 15 times to change the rescuers families, Chaim counted less families, but Reizel Shochot counted even 22 familes who hid and rescued her.

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