Rescuers of Jews

Staškevičiūtė-Pašakarnienė Zuzana

Paulina Staškevičienė, her daughters Aniceta and Zosė
and her son Juozas Papšys

Paulina Staškevičienė, the peasant, with her daughters Aniceta and Zosė and her son Juozas Papšys, during the German occupation lived in the village of Aukštelkai near the town of Radviliškis.
In November 1943, the group of young Jews escaped from the Šiauliai Ghetto. The seven memebers of this group, who had fled, came to the Staškevičius’ family home. The group members were: Yitzhak and Binaymin Leschinsky, Meirovich, Samuel Sashitsky, Haya Ber, Mordechai Nitzan and Malka Nitzan. These young men and women asked for temporary shelter on the Staškevičienė farm. Although a search was underway to find the Jews who had escaped, the Staškevičiuses put them up for the night in their home, and the next day Papšys accompanied them deep into the forest, where, with his help, they dug a bunker that served them as a hiding place until the end of the war.
In 1944, from the Linkaičiai ghetto, had escaped Esther Bekin and her brother Arie (Lusik) Bekin. The Staškevičius family hid them in their home for about three months, the two hid in the barn. During this time, they were treated kindly and provided with their basic needs by the Staškevičius family until the liberation.
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