Rescuers of Jews

Šimkutė-Daugintienė Aniceta Ona

Baltramiejus ŠIMKUS (1896–1977) Aniceta Ona DAUGINTIENĖ (Šimkutė) (1919–2000) Jehoshua was taken to the Šimkus family who lived in the village of Sausdravėnai near the village of Kontaučiai as a hired shepherd. The owners realised immediately that he was a Jewish boy but kept quiet. Baltramiejus Šimkus and his adult daughter Aniceta (later Daugintienė) were satisfied with the new worker and trusted him very much. In this family Jehoshua Shochot spent all of 1944 until the Germans retreated in October 1944. At the end of the war, Reizl Shochot found her son at the place of the Šimkus family. Since the rescued did not have where to go, Jehoshua stayed with Aniceta and Baltramiejus Šimkus till February 1945 until Reizl Shochot with her sons and beloved nanny Domicėlė managed to start a new life in Paluobė village near Ylakiai town in the former farm of the Reizl Shochot uncle.
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