Rescuers of Jews

Tercijonas Vincas

To Whom It May Concern:

We certify that Vincas Tercijonas, M. D., practiced as a pediatrician in Kaunas, Lithuania and that he and his wife, in collaboration with the Lithuanian underground in time of war (1942-1944), saved the lives of our son, Simon, then 7 years old, and daughter, Helen, then 16 years old, from the German Nazis when we were confined in the Kaunas Ghetto and later in the concentration camp at Stutthof, Germany. Our children were kept concealed on one farm where they lived in secret until the war was over.
Dr. and Mrs. Tercijonas also helped to save other Jews who were persecuted by the German Nazis and were confined to the Kaunas Ghetto. One of these was Sara Oleiskiene, M.D., who escaped and was placed (under an assumed name for her protection) in a children's shelter in Vilnius, Lithuania, where she worked until the war was over.
Dr. Tercijonas lived in Lithuania until August 1944, when he and his family fled to Germany because of the second Russian invasion. Twelve of their relatives had been deported by the Russians to Siberia in June 1941.
We consider it a privilege to tell of our gratitude to and respect for Dr. Tercijonas and his wife for their generous acts.

June 15, 1950

LOUIS SAFTAN Notary Public, State of New. York.No.03-3.26400
Qualified in Bronx County
Certs filed with Co.Clks, Bronx & N.Y.
Certs.filed with City Reg. Bronx & N.Y.
Commission Expires March 80.1951

Chaim Finkelstein, M. D., Former Medical Director of American Joint Distribution Committee Hospital,
Rome, Italy.

(Mrs.) P. Finkelstein, M. D.
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