Rescuers of Jews

Valiušaitienė Ona

Ona VALIUŠAITIENĖ (1898–1983) Bronislovas VALIUŠAITIS (1898–1981) There were four children in the family of Bronislovas and Ona Valiušaitis. This family used to rent a flat before the war in Telšiai from Reizl Shochot. The families got along well together and the children used to play together in the same courtyard. Even though in 1939 the Valiušaitis family moved to a more spacious apartment, the friendship continued. When during the Nazi occupation Reizl Shochot together with her both sons Chaim and Jehoshua faced danger, the Valiušaitis family tried to help as much as they could. Their primary help which played a major role in the fate of the Shochot family was displayed when the hiding people needed legal documents. The Valiušaitis family found a way out, and both boys received official birth certificates and Reizl Shochot a forged passport where the photo and the date of birth was replaced. Her son Jehoshua Shochot has this photo in his personal archive up till today as a precious memory of his mother. Ona and Bronislovas Valiušaitis also obtained the forged documents for Rachel Taic from Telšiai.
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