Rescuers of Jews

Vaškienė Klara

Augustas ir Klara Vaškiai, Zelma Vaškytė

From testimony of George Gordimer. 29 March, 2000

After staying at the Garbačiauskas farm for about three weeks (until 23 November 1943), my parents and I went to the Vaškys farm. Augustas and Klara Vaškys were good friends of Mr. Kalendra. In December of 1943, my parents attempted to take me by sledge to the Plekavičius farm in Šakyna, but I was crying so hard that they had to turn back. I stayed there until the end of 1943. As far I know, my parents remained in hiding at the Vaškys farm till the end of the war.
On 29 July 1945 Mr. and Mrs. Vaškys were killed by the Russians and their farm house was burned to the ground. Their 1 year old son survived and he was brought up by Zelma Vaškytė, Mr. Vaškys’s sister.
At the end of 1943 I was taken to Zelma Vaškytė’s farm. Zelma lived with her mother. At Zelma’s farm I was introduced to strangers as a refugee from Latvia because Zelma was Latvian. I remained at Zelma Vaškytė's farm until July or August of 1944. After the war, Zelma was deported to Siberia and spent there 10 years.
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