Rescuers of Jews

Vyšniauskienė Rožė

Stanislovas Vyšniauskas and Rožė Vyšniauskienė

The Vyšniauskas family – Stanislovas Vyšniauskas, his wife, Rožė, and his mother lived in Kaunas. Stanislovas had studied at the municipal Russian gymnasium and his mathematics teacher had been German Lechem. The teacher German Lechem managed to flee from the Great Aktion being carried in the ghetto Kaunas, and in November 1941 he came to the home of his former student, in the hope that he might give him shelter. Despite the risk involved in helping Jews, the Vyšniauskases agreed to hide Lechem in their home. Lechem stayed there for about two months, and was treated like a member of the family. Fearing that someone might inform the authorities, Vyšniauskas with help of Viktoras Kutorga obtained false papers for Lechem, helped him to found and to reach hiding places where German Lechem stayed until the liberation.
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