Rescued Jewish Children

Mina Stein-Wolf and Mina Stein-Kotkes

Stein family. First row, sitting from left: Niuta Stein-Hazan (dentist who lived in Finland and that’s why she survived during the Second World War), Liolia (Leib) Stein – Mina Stein-Kotkes’s father; Second row, sitting from left: Genia Minskaja (sister of Mina Stein grandmother), Mina Stein - grandmother, Hirsh Stein – grandfather, who is holding Moka (Mordechai) Grodzensky his first grandson, Liuba Stein-Grodzensky (Moka, Liuba and Julius Grodzensky lived in Paris and wanted to flee to Belgium); Third row, sitting from left: Antosia (nanny and homemaker), Adele Stein (dentist, was killed in Kaunas ghetto), Mendel (Max) Stein – was sent to Siberia, Sasha (Sender) Stein – lived in Holland, where he was saved by Holland citizenry, Julius Grodzensky – was killed in Auschwitz, Raja Stein – mother of Mina Stein-Wolf, Vera Stein (she lived in Viena, she came to visit her parents in to Lithuania and then started the War, Vera with her husband and her father Hirsh were killed in Kaunas ghetto, 1941); Kulautuva, 1924.
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