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15 August 1941

The transfer of Kaunas Jews to the Vilijampolė ghetto was completed. Almost 30,000 people were imprisoned in the ghetto. The ghetto was fenced with barbed wire. Fritz Jordan was appointed the commander of the ghetto and Elchanan Elkes was appointed the chairman of the Ältestenrat (the Council of Elders) of the internal administration. Jewish Police was formed in the ghetto commanded by Michail Kopelman.

The transfer of Šiauliai Jews to the ghetto was completed. The order to found a Jewish ghetto in Šiauliai was received by the Lithuanian administration from the German military commandant of the city. Two locations were chosen for the ghetto: a hilly part of the town called the Caucasus and a strip land bewteen the Ežeras and Trakai streets. The Caucasus ghetto was populated first, the Ežero-Trakų ghetto – a bit later.
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