Rescuers of Jews

Golumbiauskas Bronius (Golombewski Bronislaw)

Petras GOLUMBIAUSKAS (1902–1942)
Bronius GOLUMBIAUSKAS (1896–1943)

Shot in April 1942 in Alytus

The Golumbiauskas' farm was in Žalioji homestead, Butrimonys subdistrict, Alytus district.
Golumbiauskas brothers hid in their bathhouse a 13 years old boy Lipa Garbovsky from Butrimonys and six people from the neighbouring town of Stakliškės. These six people hiding were: Zelig Shuster and his wife Ada, wife’s brother Baruch and his sixteen-year-old sister, as well as Zelig’s sister Rivka and her husband Tzalel. Rivka gave birth to a child in the bathhouse. Unfortunately, someone informed against them and on April 2, 1942 the policemen looking for the Jews in hiding, surrounded the Golumbiauskas' farm. During a shoot-out, the bathhouse was set on fire. The policemen shot the fleeing Jews on spot, arrested the wounded ones and women, and took them to prison. Petras and Bronislovas Golumbiauskas were also arrested. The arrested Jews were taken to Alytus and shot. The rescuers Petras and Bronislovas Golumbiauskas were also killed for hiding the Jews. Priest Jonas Kaušyla, who was the dean in Pivašiūnai at that time, reported about this painful tragedy.
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