Rescuers of Jews

Januškevičius Vladas

Vladas and Janina Januškevičius with their daughter Janina before the war lived in their privat manor Bekupe, Giedraiciai parish, Ukmerge district.
Rena Mitsios hid in their manor from 1941.
According to the daughter Janina's recollections, Rena was called Jadvyga Juzefovna during the period of hiding.
The Januskevicius' family used to say to everybody that the additional workers were strictly required for jobs in their large farm. At first, Jadvyga Juzefovna was accepted, later on she brought her brother and mother.
All the family survived and in 1944 left Lithuania.
After the war, during some period they exchanged letters.
Jadvyga (Rena Mitsios) lived in Canada. In winter of 1956/57 she notified that she got married and had a daughter Helena. Later the communications didn't continue.
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