Rescuers of Jews

Jarmala Karolis

Karolis JARMALA (1900–1974)

From the memoirs of Moshe Kuklianskis:

<...> At the peak of turmoil and shock, much as pictured in dramas, a short, skinny man by the name of Karolis Jarmala came to my father from Aukštadvaris village located not far from Veisiejai and obeying his father's last will offered us a shelter in his farm as a gratitude for the invaluable help provided by my grandfather to Karolis Jarmala’s father in the past.
<...> We were not aware of what was waiting for us in Katkiškė, nor we knew Mr. Jarmala, who was not familiar to my father at all – he had not even heard his name before. Nor we knew a safe way to get out of the town. <...> However, the decision had to be made immediately as the Jews relocation had to start the next morning. Our discussions lasted until midnight, and finally, persuaded by our father's insistent and dramatic speeches and actions, we decided to go to Mr. Jarmala. <...>

From that day, the Kuklianskis family led by the father Saulius Kuklianskis and the elder son Moshe, started their long struggle for survival, which lasted 34 months and the beginning of which was marked by the unexpected appearance of Karolis Jarmala and his offer of help. 15 September 1941, all Jews of Veisiejai, Kapčiamiestis, Rudamina and Lazdijai including many relatives of the Kuklianskis family were taken to a camp in Katkiškė and massacred on 3 November 1941.

In 2008, Karolis Jarmala was titled the Righteous Among the Nations.
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