Rescuers of Jews

Kšanavičienė Barbora

Barbora KŠANAVIČIENĖ, Stasys KŠANAVIČIUS, and their son Vytautas KŠANAVIČIUS

One night in August 1941 two Jews who managed to escape shooting knocked at the door of Barbora and Stasys Kšanavičius’ house. One of them was Chaim Ronderis from Kėdainiai, the second was Šmulskis, a refugee from Poland. The Kšanavičius family hid and fed them for several days. The food and medicine was taken to them to a beforehand-agreed place by the son – Vytautas Kšanavičius. In 1943 Chaim Ronderis entered an anti-fascist group of partisans struggling against the Germans. And later, until 1944 Chaim Ronderis and his friends frequented the house of Barbora and Stasys Ksanavicius and young Vytautas provided them with fresh news and information, prepared bath for them and helped with what he could.
Barbora and Stasys Kšanavičius and their son Vytautas risked their lives saving Chaim Ronderis and helping his friends – partisans, who struggled against German occupants.
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