Rescuers of Jews

Mimienė Stanislava


Dmitrijus Steponavicius and his wife Marija Steponaviciene (nee Faistinaite) with their four children Anastazija, Marija, Elena and Leonas (born in 1936, 1937, 1939 and 1941 respectively) used to live in the suburbs of Ukmerge (6 Darzai st.) before the war. Dmitrijus worked as a clockmaker, and Marija was a house wife. When the war broke out and the mass murder of the Jews began, along with other Jewish people in Ukmerge the relatives of Marija Faistinaite-Steponaviciene (her mother Chaja Faistiniene and her other children) were shot.
Dmitrijus Steponavicius was respected in Ukmerge; he had many acquaintances in and around the city. He was once warned that someone would soon come to arrest his Jewish wife and children. Therefore, the Steponaviciai family made a decision to flee the city immediately and stay with their friend Antanas Mimas, who lived in Ukmerge region, Valtunai village; he came to fetch the family himself. In summer, having driven around 30 km at night in van on country roads and fields, the fugitives safely arrived at Antanas and Stanislava Mimai farmhouse. There were already three children in the family, so, when such a large family arrived, they had to save and share food which had already been scarce. A well-hidden hideout was constructed in a rye field. The Steponaviciai family used to stay there in day time, whereas at night they would go to the stables. Once a bomb which scared everyone to death was blown up nearby, and Steponaviciai decided to take their four children to Ciobiskis orphanage where it would be safer. The chidren survived there till the war ended and were taken back by their parents, who moved back to 6 Darzo st., Ukmerge.
Due to the help of Stanislava and Antanas Mimai, the family of Dmitrijus and Marija Steponaviciai with their four children survived the period of German occupation.
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