Rescuers of Jews

Antanaitytė Stanislava


During the war, Jews working in the Kėdainiai labour camp relentlessly sought opportunities for survival and escape. Bribing the guards, they approached nearby farmers to request food and sought connections with partisans. Once, while searching for food, Josif Gertner arrived at the home of relatives Vincas and Stasė Antanaičiai, along with Stasė’s two adult children Veronika and Jonas, who lived in the village of Kujėnai, Surviliškis District, Kėdainiai County. The Antanaitis welcomed Josif Gertner and assured him that they would also take in other Jews. By the summer of 1943, they had arranged a hiding place for Jews who occasionally visited, and from May 12, 1944, onwards, nine Jews settled in this family, whom the Antanaitis family warmly received, sharing their last bite of bread. They did not waver in their decision, even after searches were conducted in their home when authorities vigorously sought escapees from the Kėdainiai labour camp. A testimony signed by nine individuals on July 9, 1944, attests to the Antanaitis assistance to the Jews. These signatories, who survived due to the selflessness, genuine, and devoted care of the Antanaitis family, included Josif Gertner, Jacob Bursthein, Chaimas Bursthein, Simon Joffe, Leiba Rafeika, Grosman, Liuba Velikoliudaitė, Frania Hades, and Fania Rašaitė.

Upon the request of the rescued individuals, in 1979, Vincas Antanaitis, Stanislava Antanaitytė, Veronika Antanaitytė (later Petrulaitienė), and Jonas Antanaičiai were recognized as Righteous Among the Nations.
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