Rescuers of Jews

Pocius Antanas


During the German occupation, Antanas Pocius, along with members of the Eičai, Gaižauskai, Stūronai, and Šimkai families, saved the Goldšteinai family from Eržvilkas – Chaimas Goldšteinas with his wife Menucha (Basia) and their children Arielis and Dovydas.
Before the war, Chaimas Goldšteinas engaged in the trade of cattle and grains in Eržvilkas. He knew many local farmers. With the Germans occupying Eržvilkas, the persecution of Jews immediately began, and soon all Jews were ordered to prepare for a three-day journey to a camp. Although the Jews were already surrounded by police, Chaimas Goldšteinas, along with his wife and children, managed to escape. Initially, they hid in nearby forests, obtaining food from farmers. When the weather became colder, they sought refuge in the farmsteads of villagers, often changing locations.
In 2019 Antanas Pocius was recognized as the Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.
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