rescuers of jews

Staškus Adolfas


Ida Vileikienė was born in the Šiauliai Ghetto in 1942 to Aaron and Liuba Rozingard. When the parents found out that the Children's Action was about to take place on November 5, 1943, they managed to escape her from the ghetto (asleep with a pill in a small basket). They gave her to Staškus, with whom they were not familiar before the war. A mutual friend acted as a go-between the two families. The Staškus family had 5 children of their own. They introduced Ida as their grandchild. This was a rather simple cover story that was accepted by everybody since some of their elder children lived away from home. When the battlefield reached Šiauliai the family and Ida moved away, until November 1944.
Ida’s parents were killed; so she remained to live with the adopting family. Until the age of 6 she thought they were her true parents. When she was 11 they had completed the formal adoption procedure.
When Ida grew up she searched for the details of her biological parents and managed to get hold of their friends who live in Israel. She is in touch with them up until now.