rescuers of jews

Šereika Stasys


Rescued Dora Tallat-Kelpšienė (nee Kaganaitė) remembers:

“In a few days we were driven to the Laukuva Jewish synagogue, and later to the Geruliai Jewish camp in Telšiai province. In a couple of days Stasys Sereika came to the Geruliai camp looking for me. We studied together with him in Telšiai gymnasium. He was very modest, honest and noble-minded, therefore I was not surprised that it was him rather than anyone else who so warmly responded to my grief. He would bring me sandwiches with cheese that his mother had made, and warm coffee with milk. It seems, even now it makes my mouth water – it was so delicious.
In November Stasys' parents, Zuzana and Antanas Sereikos, took me away from the ghetto – as if for work. The farewell of the ghetto women was a question, “Do you at least realize how lucky you are?” Alas, there and then I did not understand it yet...
In this wonderful family I was accepted as a beloved daughter by the parents, and as a dear sister by their three sons”.

From Hands Bringing Life and Bread, Volume 1,
The Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum. Vilnius, 1997