Rescuers of Jews

Vėlutis Motiejus

From Jakov Gurvitch‘s Memoirs „The Road of Salvation for the Condemned”

<...> I do not remember well, but from the Šukšta family, my mother and I found ourselves in Gadunava at the place of the Jančiauskas family. We stayed there for two weeks. The family was big and it was difficult for them to hide two people. I was taken by Mrs. Jančiauskienė to the town of Seda, at the place of parish priest Velutis, while my mother went back to Telšiai to stay with the servants of the bishop.
I stayed for two weeks in Seda at the place of parish priest Velutis. Before Easter days of recollections began (the time from Shrove Tuesday until Easter) and we went to mass together with Father Velutis from church to church. After the recollections, he sent me to Telšiai to the place of Stanislava Dausinienė. I met my mother there.
Stanislava Dausinienė and her relatives ones – son Stanislovas Dausinas and his wife Zuzana, daughter Elena Adomaitienė (maiden name Dausinaitė) and her husband Jonas Adomaitis S rescued Jews during the war. This family were my guardian angels during the entire occupation. If not for them, I doubt that my mother and I, as well as many other Jews, would have survived.<...>

From the 4th book Hands Bringing Life and Bread
The Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum
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