Rescuers of Jews

Barčas Stanislovas

The Barčas family experienced many troubles because of me. They had many rummages. The policemen and Germans beat the children, but nobody betrayed me.

Mina Chodonaitė-Ran

From the Letter Written by Aleksandra Barčaitė-Kulišauskienė, Marijona Barčienė's Daughter:

It was the cruelest August, 1941.
In each quiet twilight we've heard the shots – it was the shooting of Jews in Girkalnis district, Kadagyne.
And one evening, on the first decade of September, a young girl whom we knew well came to us. I remember that she was exited very much. Our family understood what kind of destiny she experienced and we sheltered her. From then her life was full of troubles and despair. But she was fortuned because she had my Mother for support.
Many times Mother protected her ward from death, despite the risk for herself and her family. Mother transferred the girl to relatives and persons she knew being good people.
But there were also people ready to pay the human life price for some clothes.
There were rummages carried out rather frequently. Mother's cousin's son worked in the sub-district office. He always informed us if the rummage was planned close to

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