Rescuers of Jews

Documentary Sisters

The documentary is a moving rescue story of Danutė Pomerancaitė, the girl who was born in the Kaunas Ghetto and later became a well known violinist. The story about the noble, selfless, extraordinary people, Danutė’s rescuers: the actress Elena Žalinkevičaitė-Petrauskienė, her husband, the opera singer Kipras Petrauskas, about Balys Simanavičius, the first rescuer of Danutė Pomerancaitė and her little cousin Rūta Lopianskaitė.
The film will show the rich musical life in pre-war Kaunas, Danutė’s father, the violinist Danielius Pomerancas the pioneer of jazz in Lithuania, the famous opera singer of the 20th century Kipras Petrauskas and the fate of the members of the Pomerancas and Petrauskas families scattered by the war and the rescued girl, Danutė Pomerancaitė, who brought them together.
The documentary was made in Kaunas and Vilnius, with the participation of professor of violin at Boston University College of Fine Arts Dana Pomerants-Mazurkevich (Danutė Pomerancaitė) and Aušra Petrauskaitė, Kipras Petrauskas’ daughter.
Two sisters – Aušra Petrauskaitė and Dana Pomerants-Mazurkevich – speak how Danutė found herself in the family of Kipras and Elena Petrauskas, her life with them and what impact they made on her life.

The Film Authors: Lilija Kopač, Danutė Selčinskaja
Cameras: Vincas Kubilius, Voicechas Karkutas, Algis Liutkevičius
Editing Director: Anatolijus Tetiušinas

©Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum

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