Rescuers of Jews


Kama Ginkas, the famous director of the Moscow MCHAT theater, once received the letter from Kaunas:
Dear Kamutis, I am sorry for applying to you, such a well known and famous person. Wasn’t it you, Kamutis, that little boy I would keep warm in my bed? I rescued you, and your father came to visit you. Don’t you remember how much you loved me, clinging to my skirt?! Even your daddy reproached me saying that I shouldn’t get so attached to the child. Isn’t it that you, such a famous director?
The Leningrad TV show «Пятое колесо» ("The Fifth Wheel") in 1990 made the video-movie "Antanina". The movie showed the extremely warm and exiting director Kama Ginkas' meeting with his rescuer Antanina Stačkauskaitė Vaičiūnienė in her appartment in Kaunas. Antanina tells her story about the rescue of Jewish children from the Kaunas Ghetto.
Movie Director – Alexander Krivonos.

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