Rescuers of Jews

Bieliukas Kazimieras

To Highly Respected Prof. Dr. K. Bieliukas, the Rector of the Vilnius State University

Before leaving Vilnius I feel a special obligation to express my hearty acknowledgements and deep gratefulness to Rector Prof. Dr. K. Bieliukas for his extreme care and protection of myself.

During the darkest days of German occupation Prof. Dr. K. Bieliukas gave me a brotherly hand, he hid me several weeks inside his home, sharing his bread with me and facing a life-danger himself. Later on, during the months of my illegal living he supported me with his financial and spiritual help.
I had a chance to know Prof. Dr. Kazys Bieliukas not only as scientist-supervisor, with all his heart devoted to the old Vilnius source of science but also as the heir of high humanity ideals, capable to sacrifice for the others.
The Prof. Dr. Kazys Bieliukas' rector cadence period would be engraved with gold letters into the history of Vilnius University.

Associate professor Dr. J. Movshovich

April 1945, Vilnius

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