Rescued Jewish Children


The documentary film “I leave my child to you...” is based on a real life story – tragic but beautiful for the love between two people. During the wartime Pranas Laucevičius from Telšiai hid in his house a Jewish girl, Ruth Gurvitch. They fell in love and soon the fruit of their love, their son Telesfor, was born. The love of Pranas and Ruth costed them their lives. Somebody reported that the Lithuanian Pranas Laucevičius was hiding a Jewish woman and they both were shot. Pranas could have saved himself, yet he didn’t leave Ruth and thus he met death together with her. Ruth and Pranas were shot the last day of Nazi occupation. The next day the Russian troops entered the village.
The little Telesforas was hidden and raised by Pranas' sister Jadvyga. This honourable woman is living  in her native town Telšiai.
Ruth’s brother  Jakov Gurvitch during the wartime was imprisoned in Rainiai and Geruliai camps, later in the  ghetto of Telšiai. He manged to survive this terrible time.
In June 2005 Jakov Gurvich came from Israel to Lithuania and visited his native places.
Time is running Jadvyga and Jakov  are not young anymore. We recorded their memoirs and now have a chance to hear this shocking story from its participants.

Film director and scriptwriter Lilija Kopač
Project manager and script co-author Danutė Selčinskaja
operator Algis Liutkevičius
The presentation of video documentary “I Leave My Child To You” took place in the Tolerance centre of Vilna Gaon Jewish State museum on 23 September 2005

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