Rescuers of Jews

Darbutienė-Jučinskienė Bronislava

At the begining of 1942 Domicele Pagojute contacted the Darbutas family: Jonas Darbutas and Bronislava Darbutiene (later Jucinskiene) whom she knew wery well. This family agreed to take and hide Chaim Shochot (born 1932). Jonas and Bronislava were childless, they worked in the farm for living. Chaim lived in this family almost entire 1942 year. Later Domicele found for Chaim another hiding place in a village near the town Varniai. But when Domicele visited Chaim and found that the boy lived in very bad conditions, she returned him to the Darbutas family. So in 1943 Chaim found himself at Jonas and Bronislava for the second time and was in this family till the autumn of 1943. The Ukrainian policemen whom the Germans brought to Lithuania, came to these places raging and searching for hiding Jews. Then the Jews had no choice but replacing their hiding whereabouts.

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