Rescuers of Jews

Grigorovič Sergej

From Sergej Grigorovich daughter's Tatjana Grigorovich-Bogdanovich Memoirs

During the World War II, the years of German occupation, my father Sergej Grigorovich worked as a lorry driver. In 1943 my father used to take logs of wood from the Rudininkai forest to a saw- mill in Vilnius. The boards he often had to take back to the chief forester of Rudininkai for use in the forestry's economy. My father used to pack the boards in the body of the lorry in such a manner that there was left free place. In the free place of the lorry he used to take Jews to the Rudininkai forest. But somebody traced him and also the contacts of the chief forester with the Jews, who lived in the Rudininkai forest, were traced. In 1943 the chief forester and his pregnant wife were shot dead by policemen. My father was told about this, when he was on the way to the Rudininkai forest. He was on time to turn back his lorry when the echoes of shootings were heard, and came back to Vilnius.

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