Rescuers of Jews

Horodničienė Marija

The Ignaty Abramovich's niece Tamara Cramer's letter to Ruta Horodniciute, Marija Horodniciene's daughter

"Your mother was professor Ignaty Abramovich's student. When the Nazis came they started to look for their victims – Jews. They went to the university and asked questions, including about Abramovich: was he a Jew or not. Your mother answered that he was Pole but, maybe, he had Jews in his ancestry. At first they were satisfied with this answer but later on they changed their mind.
One day professor Abramovicius' houseworker has ran into his office and said that there were gestapo members in his house waiting for him and he shouldn't go home. Then your mother suggested him a shelter in her appartment, on Sierakauskio street. So, my uncle has hid there. In the day-time he was in his room locked and at night he used to go for a walk, to breath the fresh air.
Once he asked your mother to help him to sell his winter coat – the fur, in order to have money to support his stay at her home. Your mother refused to do it, opposite, she told to several people about Abramovicius' hiding place. Then the people (her long-term colleagues) started to come and to bring something, without any useless questions.
That's how my uncle has hid at your noble parents... It continued like this untill the Soviet army liberated Vilnius.
Then my uncle decided to leave Vilnius, where he had suffered so much, and moved to Gdansk. He lived in Gdansk for many years till his death in 1982. During all these years he corresponded with your mother who rescued him with a great risk: if Nazis would reveal him hiding then all your family would be hit severely."

1998 m.
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