About the Project

The Exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Lithuanian Jewish children killed during the Holocaust

The children of Holocaust, the last generation of the witnesses of Shoah and the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum consider their ultimate duty to reveal to the general public the stories of the Jewish survivors and to perpetuate the names of the Lithuanians who rescued Jews during the war. The stories about the tragedy that had befallen Lithuanian Jews, the loss of loved ones and miraculous salvation is told by former Jewish children – the most vulnerable group of the people persecuted and massacred during the war. These children are but a small portion of the rescued Lithuanian Jews. More than nine out of ten Jews who had lived in Lithuania before the war fell victim to the systematic mass killings. However, even during the days of horrible atrocities, abominable anti-Semitism, incited hatred and menace, there were people in Lithuania whose determination, sacrifice and courage saved many lives. Their names have not been obliterated from the memories of the survivors: the rescuers of Jews are commemorated in Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, by awarding them with the titles of the Righteous Among the Nations. Meanwhile, in Lithuania they are awarded the Life Saving Crosses.
This exhibition also serves as an education centre – the authentic testimonies, family pictures and video interviews of Holocaust witnesses reveal the catastrophic period for all the Jews – the Holocaust that once took place in the land of Lithuania. The visitors of the museum following the broken paths of the exhibition will experience at least a small part of what the hiding and persecuted people had to endure – stress and fear that accompanied them and their rescuers throughout the entire war. The unique accent of the exhibition is the interactive memorial. Children, still smiling in our hearts, are looking at us from authentic pre-war pictures.

Organisers of the exhibition A Lithuanian Jewish child tells about Shoah
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