Rescuers of Jews

Stulpinienė Joana

Jonas Stulpinas and Joana Stulpinienė

Before the war Jonas Stulpinas was a dealer, whose trade field was leather. He got acquainted with Avraham Ginzburg, a Jew, who lived in Vilnius and worked in a very well known factory that produced gloves. The factory was owned by Jeruzalimsky family.
In 1941, when Vilnius was occupied by the Germans, Avraham and his family were forced to move to the ghetto, alongside with other Jews in the city and its surroundings.
One day Jonas Stulpinas came home and told his wife Joana Stulpiene that they had to help his Jewish acquaintance to get out of the ghetto together with his wife and find them a place to hide. Joana was frightened because of the possible outcome for the entire family but Jonas was imperative. Quite soon the Germans confiscated the first floor of the house, which was owned by the Stulpinas family and where they lived and turned it into a 24-hour radio communication office. Under these circumstances Avraham, who was a very brave man, dared to come to the house and get from Jonas the keys of an empty apartment in Pilies Street, which Avraham and his wife Mala could use as a temporary solution for the first few days of hiding.
Later on, the Stulpinas family hired another private house, which had a deep cellar, where they used to keep wood and other things for the cold winter time. It was very cold in the cellar, but the couple managed to survive until 1944 when Lithuania was liberated by the Russians. Then for one year the Stulpinas family shared their apartment with Avraham and his wife Mala until they left Lithuania to Poland on their way to Palestine.

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