Rescuers of Jews

Stulpinas Boleslovas

Stulpinas Boleslovas
Stulpinienė Ona

In August 1942, Juozas Straupis turned to Boleslovas and Ona Stulpinas, his neighbors in the village of Šarnelė near Plungė, with the request that they shelter a Jewish baby girl who had been born a week earlier to a physician couple from Telšiai, Moshe and Mira Blatt. Ona Stulpinienė was about to give birth to her own child, however they didn‘t terrified a danger and the heavy punishment for saving Jews, and their utmost poverty, the Stulpinases agreed to take the infant, who was named Israela, into their home. They changed her name to Juzė and cared for her with the same love they gave their own young children. After the liberation from Nazi occupation in October 1944, the Blatts found their daughter healthy and well cared for. In the 1970s, Israela Blatt immigrated to Israel. Moshe and Mira Blatt passed away in Lithuania.
On September 26, 1993, Yad Vashem recognized Boleslovas Stulpinas and Ona Stulpinienė as Righteous Among the Nations.

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