Rescuers of Jews

Vobolevičius Vincas


In August 1941 a young, talented and well-known engineer Anatolijus Rozenbliumas, his wife Raja Rozenbliumienė, their son Moshe (Moisiejus), born in 1940, as well as Raja’s parents – Faivušas Kenigsbergas and Chana Kenigsbergienė were forced to move to the Kaunas ghetto, which most of Kaunas Jews found themselves in.
During the Great Action on October 28, 1941, the Rozenbliums managed to avoid the tragic destiny of almost 10,000 Jews murdered on that day in the 9th Fort of Kaunas. Head of the Jewish Police in the Kaunas Ghetto, Michailas Kopelmanas, persuaded the Germans that Anatolijus Rozenbliumas might be useful as an proficient and his family was moved from the column of Jews selected to be murdered in the 9th Fort to the column of Jews, who were left alive.
At the end of 1943, after the Children’s Action carried out in the Šiauliai Ghetto, it became clear to the Rozenbliums that it was too dangerous for their son Moshe to stay in the ghetto. Help came from Vincas and Helena Vobolevičius from the Saliai village, with whom the Rozenbliums got acquainted while living in the ghetto. The Vobolevičius were not able to take the boy themselves because they lived not far from the roads, in a place, which was not safe. Therefore, they agreed with Helena’s sister – Monika Lukoševičienė, who lived in the Maironiškiai village, not far from the 9th Fort, that she would take the boy. Moisejus lived with Monika and Bronius Lukoševičius until the liberation.
Meanwhile, Vincas Vobolevičius made a hiding place in the hayloft of his farm and Anatolijus Rozenbliumas and Raja Rozenbliumienė, as well as her parents had been hiding there. On the way from the Kaunas Ghetto to the Vobolevičius family they found temporary shelter at the family of Danutė and Vladimiras Zubovas. Without this temporary shelter the runaways would hardly have been able to survive and reach the Vobolevičius family, where they lived until the liberation.
This is the rescue story of Anatolijus Rozenbliumas, one of the most famous Lithuanian engineers – Habilitated Doctor of Sciences, Professor of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Lithuania celebrated his hundred-th anniversary in 2002.

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