Rescuers of Jews

Žemaitis Apolinaras

The Goldstein family (Eržvikas, Lithuania) has survived the war due to the help received from many farmers from Eržvilkas and Gaure. The Goldstein family consisted of the parents Haim and Basya and their two children – Ariel (aged 7) and David (aged 3).
After the war the Goldsteins left to USA and settled in Los Angeles. Haim Goldstein, living in USA already, prepared a list including many names of people who helped them to survive. Among them – Vincentas ir Petronėlė Pocius and their 4 children – daughters Stanislava, Ona, Zofija and son Bronius; Antanina Endrikienė, Ona ir Apolinaras Žemaitis, Antanina Macaitienė, Juozas and Stasė Gaižauskas, Ambrazaitis, Stirbys, Puišys, Kriskis, Sturonas, Juškys, Pakutinskas, Tarvainis, Šimkus, Bandzinas and others.

Judelis Ronderis, the member of Kaunas Jewish community and volunteer in the Vilnius State Gaon Jewish museum, has worked with rescuers of Jews for many years. He has found many descendants of the Goldsteins' rescues, living in their native places.

In 1991 Haim Goldstein's son David, living in USA, went to Lithuania for a visit. He visited the old Jewish cemeteries in Eržvilkas and Skaudvile, the Jews genocide places in Eržvilkas and Skaudvile and entered his native home.
After this a very interesting meeting started. The rescuers and their families members participated there, more than 10 families were represented.
(Judelis Ronderis has arranged David's trip and this meeting and has written the information mentioned above).

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