Rescuers of Jews

Žiuromskienė Veronika


Mirjam Zivaitė‘s (Marija Rastenytė-Žiuromskytė-Gvozdiova) parents – Šimelis Zivas and Lėja Chveidanaitė-Zivienė before the war lived in Raseiniai. Mirjam‘s maternal grandparents Chveidan and more relatives lived nearby. Marija learned about her real parents from her rescuers Žiuromskiai. They lived in the Dumšiškiai village near Raseiniai. Marija‘s parents hold a shop in the suburb of Raseiniai and Žiuromskiai were the constant buyers there. When the war started and massive arrests of the Jews began, people tried to hide. Marija‘s mother together with her sisters and a brother hid in Dumšiškiai village, in some shed. More Jews hid in this village too. Somebody was not pleased, somebody denounced, rummages started to be made. According to Žiuromskiai, Marija‘s mother came to them and asked to take her newborn baby for several days. But during these days all the hiding Jews were arrested and shot. That‘s how Marija was left in the Juozas and Veronika Žiuromskiai family for her entire life. They had five teenaged kids of their own and sheltered the sixth one – the baby. Marija raised living with them and didn‘t know that they were not her family, but strangers. When Marija turned six, her second mother Veronika Žiuromskienė died.
From Marija Žiuromskytė-Gvozdiova‘s memoirs:
I left to live in the same house with the youngest brother Pranas and the father Juozapas. There were Petras, Juozas, Izidorius and Veronika. Pranas turned to be my mother and father. He married and had four children. All my life I was close to them, was the family member. They are really noble people, they raised me like their daughter, regardless of the danger threatening to them, without any remuneration.

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