Rescuers of Jews

Ona and Vladas NORKEVIČIUS,
Vladislovas’ brother Stasys NORKEVIČIUS
and sister Stasė NORKUTĖ

Riva Hiršovičiūtė lived with her parents in Raseiniai district, Viduklė village. Riva’s parents were shot dead in Viduklė in the beginning of the war. With recommendations from Viduklė priest Jurgelevičius, Riva was given a shelter in the Norkevičius family, who lived in Trepėnai village, Raseiniai district.
The whole Norkevičius family – Vladislovas Norkevičius and his wife Ona, Vladislovas’ brother Stasys Norkevičius and sister Stasė Norkutė, took care of Riva for about two years. Unfortunately, rumors about some stranger hiding in the Norkevičius house spread out in the village. Under such circumstances, a new hiding place for Riva had to be found. Viduklė priest Algirdas Mocius was there to help – he took Riva to his parents Ona and Juozas Mocius in Dapkūnai village, Šiauliai district, where Riva was hidden and waited till the war ended. After the war, Riva returned to Viduklė, married one of Righteous Among the Nations, Česlovas Rakevičius, and gave birth to their son Henrikas. Riva Rakevičienė (Hiršovičiūtė) spent the rest of her life in Kaunas.
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