Rescuers of Jews

Dausinas Stanislovas

From Jakov Gurvitch‘s Memoirs „The Road of Salvation for the Condemned”

<...> Stanislava Dausinienė and her relatives ones – son Stanislovas Dausinas and his wife Zuzana, daughter Elena Adomaitienė (maiden name Dausinaitė) and her husband Jonas Adomaitis S rescued Jews during the war. This family were my guardian angels during the entire occupation. If not for them, I doubt that my mother and I, as well as many other Jews, would have survived.
In times of danger the members of the Dausinas family would find us a new place at the home of trustworthy rescuers. Both my mother and I stayed with Stanislava Dausinienė a number of times. I knew well that in the spring of 1943 Stanislava took in Liba, the daughter of Telšiai doctor Miriam Blat (Miriam Blatienė) and Mausha Blat (Mauša Blatas). When in August 1944 the front approached close to Telšiai, Stanislava Dausinienė was arrested together with her rescued girl and locked at Telšiai prison. It was a narrow escape from death: both ran away from prison during the turmoil as the Germans were retreating from the city.
Dausinienė was an avowed Adventist. Not only her, but also other Adventists tried to help the Jews. This was what they had believed they had to do. We stayed with my mother together with the Adventists till June.<...>

From the 4th book Hands Bringing Life and Bread
The Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum

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