Rescuers of Jews

Ermanis Povilas

Anastazija and Alfredas Ermanis lived in Kuršėnai village during the war and Alfredas' brother Povilas Ermanis with his wife Kristina lived in Nugariai village Kuršėnai region. They rescued Miriam Yavne and Luba Klor after their escape from the temporary ghetto in Pavenčiai.
When the danger approached Alfredas Ermanis has transferred the girls to his brother Povilas in Nugariai village. Luba Klor reached the end of the war together with the Povilas and Kristina Ermanis' family. Miriam Yavne was in another hiding place found by Ermanis family.
Both girls survived. Luba Klor (later Luba Orvic) immigrated to USA after the war. Many years she exchanged letters with the Ermanis family. Miriam Yavne (later Voronova) lived in Šiauliai for a long period after the war.

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