Rescuers of Jews

Graževičiūtė Lukšienė Vanda

Jonas GRAŽEVIČIUS Marija GRAŽEVIČIENĖ Vanda LUKŠIENĖ-GRAŽEVIČIŪTĖ 25 August 1992 Dear Chairman! I deeply apologize for the mistakes, but I have not written in Lithuanian for a long time, and please help me. I, Miriam Kuperšteinienė-Gordonaitė, am looking for my rescuers: engineer Jonas Graževičius, his wife - Marija-Vanda Graževičienė and their little daughter Vandutė, who was 12 in 1941. They lived in 25 Stoties Street. Marija Vanda had a brother Karolis Žalgevičius, a civil engineer. During the bitter years of occupation this courageous family saved tens of Jews. Risking their own lives they helped the Jews as much as they could. The Graževičiai family hid us to the end of the occupation. Dear sir! I would be very grateful if you could help me to find my rescuers and their daughter Vandutė! Respectfully yours, Miriam Tuchmajer (such is my name at present) Rechov Hercog 7 Shikun Bavli Tel-Aviv Israel P.S. I am impatiently looking forward to your reply. Having checked the lists of the Lithuanian ghettos, it has been found out that M.Kuperšteinienė was in the Šiauliai Ghetto, and there exists a 25 Stoties Street in Šiauliai. From Hands Bringing Life and Bread, Volume 1,
The Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum. Vilnius, 1997
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