Rescuers of Jews

Grendienė Apolonija

Apolonija GRENDIENĖ Before the war the Ginkas family – doctor Mironas Ginkas, his wife Manya and son Kama – were not acquainted with Apolonija Grendiene. Apolonija’s house was located near the fence of the Kaunas Ghetto. One evening somebody knocked on the door of the house. Those were Mironas Ginkas, his wife Manya and their son Kama. They have been directed to Apolonija by one unselfish monk – Bronius Gotautas – who was involved in saving Jews. The Ginkas family found a short-time shelter in the house of Apolonija Grendiene. Afterwards with the help of family members and relatives of Apolonija doctor Ginkas, his wife and son were taken along the guarded bridge through the Neris river to the city, where they were trusted into the hands of reliable people – other rescuers of the Ginkas family. All the details of the rescue of the Ginkas family are described in one of the chapters of doctor Mironas Ginkas’ book “A Way Through Barbed Wire”.
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