Rescuers of Jews

Jaselskis Vladas

Vladas Jaselskis and Elena Jaselskienė

During the German occupation, Elena and Vladas Jaselskis lived on the outskirts of Kaunas. In 1944, Marija Macenavičienė asked her brother, Vladas Jaselkis, and her sister-in-law Elena Jaselskienė, to shelter a five-year-old Jewish girl, Aviva Fridman. Fridman had been smuggled out of the Kaunas ghetto and was staying in Macenavičienė’s home. However, because of the neighbors’ suspicions, it had become necessary to move her to a different hiding place. Unfortunately very soon the neighbors found out that they were hiding a Jewish child in their home and Jaselskis was forced to look for another shelter. He put Fridman on his bicycle and rode sixty kilometers with her to Elena’s parents Petras and Petronėlė Brazaitis, who lived in a remote village,in Vilkaviškis district, where the girl was hidden until the liberation.

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