Rescuers of Jews

Jurkus Danielius

Danielius JURKUS Marija JURKIENĖ After the escape from the Vilnius Ghetto, right before its liquidation, Jacob and Julia Rossiyanskyj together with their daughter Sofia had been going from one acquaintance to another looking for shelter, until they got to the Jurkus family, whom they did not know before the war. Marija and Danielius Jurkus lived in Vilnius, in Žvėrynas district. At the risk of being discovered, they accepted the persecuted Jews. With the help of the Vilnius Polish antifascist underground all members of the Rossiyansky family received false documents with Polish names. In spring 1944 Sofia was sent to Maria Deimart, who took care of her, as of her own daughter, whereas Sofia’s parents remained at the Jurkus family until the liberation. Right after the war the Rosiyansky family emigrated, leaving behind a token of their deep gratitude for the rescue of their lives. Many years later Sofia Rossiyansky-Lurie managed to locate the son of Marija and Danielius – Algirdas. Nowadays, their grandson, named after his grandfather, Danielius, lives in Kaunas and he renewed his correspondence with Sofia Rossiyansky-Lurie, who lives in Capetown.
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