Rescuers of Jews

Lazauskas Juozas

From Eta Levin Hecht‘s letter:

Juozas Lazauskas was the director of the Lithuanian elementary school and worked there as a teacher. My father also worked as a teacher and was the director of the Jewish elementary school in Aleksotas. Juozas Lazauskas and my father knew each other well.
When we were imprisoned in the Kaunas ghetto my father managed to meet Juozas Lazauskas.
He asked J. Lazauskas to take me to their home and in this way rescue my life. Juozas Lazauskas and his wife Ona agreed to do so and asked no remuneration for it.
I was brought to Lazauskas family from the ghetto on April, 1944 and stayed there untill August, 1944 when my father came to pick me.


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