Rescuers of Jews

Markovskaja Ana


From the 22 August 1993 testimony of Shlomo Potashnik:

In 1941, I escaped from the ghetto during its liquidation. I came to one of the former client of my parents, who had owned a private shop. He told me that my brother was in the Kemeliškės Ghetto, so I went there to meet my brother. The same evening, he took me to Osip Andreyev in Strepiškės village. I did not stay long there as he was too scared and asked me to leave. During the time I spent at Mr. Andreyev, I met a shepherd Mitrofan Markovskiy, who took me with him. His father Khariton Markovskiy and his mother Aleksandra took me like their son. I came to the Markovskiy family in the end of 1941 and stayed there until the end of the war. Markovskiy family (Khariton, Aleksandra and their five children Mitrofan, Ivan, Anna, Mavra and Feonia) were living in Strepiškės village. In case of danger, Mitrofan, his brother Ivan and me would run to the forest and hide.
I did not pay them anything – the Markovskiy family hid me purely of their own free will and were very nice to me. They risked their lives doing so. The Germans found out something about me, so they arrested Khariton Markovskiy and shot him. After the war I went to study and I could only visit the family once in a while. But those visits were very warm and sincere. I will never forget the protection the Markovskiy family offered me during the war. They also saved my brother Lazar Potashnik who would regularly visit the Markovskiy family.
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