Rescuers of Jews

Mikolaitytė-Gelumbauskienė Dalia


One autumn evening in 1943 a former baby-sitter of Leon Volpert managed to take the boy away from the Šiauliai Ghetto in a closed basket. At first she took the boy to the family of Vincas and Felicija Mikolaitis, who lived in Rūdės Street in Šiauliai. Later the boy was taken to a more secure place – the farm in Šepkaičiai, where Felicija’s parents – Vincas Murinas and Emilija Murinienė – lived. Thanks to the joint efforts of both families Mikolaitis–Murinas Leon Volpert managed to survive till the Germans were driven out of Lithuania.
After the liberation it turned out that the boy’s parents had perished. Vincas and Felicija Mikolaitis together with their daughter Dalia and the rescued Leon Volpert settled in Šiauliai. The boy started studying in a primary school. With the help of the address once left by Leon’s former baby-sitter it became possible to find his relatives who lived in Moscow. In the spring of 1947 relatives from Moscow – the family of Lev and Evgenija Goldberg took the boy and adopted him. They called him Leonid Goldberg.
Leonid Goldberg continues to live in Moscow and maintains close relations with the daughter of the rescuers – Dalia Gelumbauskienė (Mikolaitytė).
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