Rescuers of Jews

Mikšta Piotras

Ana and Piotras Mikšta (Mikszta)

Shelly Margolis was born in 1937 in Švenčionys. She was the only child of Samuel and Rachel Margolis.
Švenčionys was occupied by the Germans on the 1st of July 1941. The survivor remembers that her father moved her to a Polish man named Sajkowski and the man gave her to his relatives who had no children of their own – Anna and Piotr Mikszta, who were Polish as well and lived in Švenčionys. They took care of Shelly as if she were their child. In the middle of 1942 they baptized her and gave her the name Maria Alisia.
Anna’s niece – Bronislava Romaslovskaja helped her aunt take care of Shelly during the time the Mikszta were working. Sometimes she would take Shelly to her parents who lived close by.
In 1943, after someone informed the authorities, Anna and Shelly were sent to Gestapo for an investigation, where they managed to convince that they were mother and daughter.
After the release in 1944 Shelly’s aunt, Anna Margolis, arrived in Švenčionys and asked to take Shelly with her. The district court refused. In 1945 Anna filed an appeal asking the court to reconsider the case. This time the court declared that Shelly should be given to her biological parents.
In 1946 Shelly was given to Lazar and Sheina Kavin (her mother’s brother and his wife). They lived in Moscow and their economic situation was good. They adopted the girl legally and afterwards she changed her surname to Kavina, which is her surname until today. She also changed her first name from Shelly to Nelly in 1955.
Nelly Kavina stayed in touch with the Mikszta family until they died.

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