Rescuers of Jews

Bieliūnienė (Ragaišienė-Bieliūnienė) Aleksandra


In June 1944, when the front was inexorably approaching Kaunas, Aleksandra Ragaišienė-Bieliūnienė and Juozas Bieliūnas sheltered Bela Gurvičiūtė, the daughter of the doctor Fruma Gurvičienė, who had been hiding in the summer house of the architect Landsbergis-Žemkalnis, in Kačerginė. After the Gestapo arrested the Landsbergis son, Gabrielius, for fear of being searched, it was urgent to find a new place for Bela. A new hiding place was found at Bučiūnai Manor, 2 km from Labūnava (Kėdainiai district), under the supervision of Juozas Bieliūnas. The doctor Aleksandra Ragaišienė-Bieliūnienė and her husband Juozas Bieliūnas agreed to take in Bela as a housemaid, and forged documents were obtained for the girl. Aleksandra Ragaišienė-Bieliūnienė was extremely kind and sensitive to Bela. Under the care of Juozas and Aleksandra and her son, Stasys Ragaišis, Bela Gurvičiūtė lived to see the day when the German occupiers were forced to withdraw from the Kėdainiai area.

In 1998, Aleksandra Ragaišienė-Bieliūnienė was recognized as the Righteous Among the Nations.
In 1994, the Life Saviour’s Cross was awarded to Stasys Ragaišis, and in 2007, to Aleksandra and Juozas Bieliūnas.
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