Rescuers of Jews

“Even the smallest one can do big things” / Ona Šimaitė

She was a publicist, but I believe she has not published a single book of her own – her writings were spread out among various publications all around the world. She loved books and written word and a part of her heart is hidden in each book that she gave away and each word that she wrote. She fed and rescued people condemned to die and this tremendous dedicated physical and spiritual toil was also dispersed throughout different countries together with those sated people snatched from the claws of death. She gave herself entirely to people leaving no tall monuments for herself or her name, and experiencing fatigue and pain, including suffering in the Nazi concentration camps.
Therefore, her only contribution is the only great merit – her infinite love for people, dedicated love until the last minute of life and even beyond it.

Icchokas Meras

Gimtasis kraštas
12 February 1970
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