Rescuers of Jews

Juozas PAUKŠTYS (1904–1999)

Was born in 20 November 1904. In his childhood, he had to help his parents with various farm works.
He studied in Marijonai Gymnasium in Marijampolėje, where he finished 4 grades with a citation. Later, he went to study in the Turin Lyceum in Italy. After returning to Lithuania, in 1943 he graduated from the Faculty of Humanities in Vilnius University and acquired a degree in classical philology. After the war, he worked as a headmaster of Vilkaviškis gymnasium, as a teacher in the town of Kaišiadorys, and as an education inspector. Later, he was banned from the jobs in the field of education, and chose the career of an economist and accountant. Juozas Paukštys has written a number of articles on various issues of philosophy and theology.
In 1977 Juozas Paukštys was titled the Righteous Among the Nations for the help provided during the Holocaust to people of Jewish nationality. In 1990 he was awarded a medal of the Righteous Among the Nations.
Juozas Paukštys died in Kaunas in 1999.
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