Rescuers of Jews

In cherished memory of Sofija Binkienė Those who survived the German occupation will understand what it meant to Jews to have a home they could come to during the most difficult times of their life. For us, it was the home of “Aunt Zosia” which we jokingly called a hotel for Jews. Not only that we found refuge there, but also a warm-hearted atmosphere and willingness to help, which gave us courage and hope. And that was so important during those years! We still cannot understand how Sofija Binkienė could feed so many hungry and outcast people with her less than modest earnings. One day we found her lying on the floor because she gave her bed to a woman who ran away from the ghetto that same day. Dear “Aunt Zosia” will always be to us a figure of those courageous and committed Lithuanians who were not afraid to challenge Hitler’s butchers and has become a symbol of unarmed soldiers to us. Beba Shatenshtein-Taborisky, Adina and Shmuel Segal, Raja Judelevich, Gita Judelevich and Margalit Stender-Lonke

From the Israeli paper Наша страна (Our Country)
April 5, 1984
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