Rescuers of Jews

Margalit Stender-Lonke

Sofija Binkienė was an extremely modest and exceptionally kind woman, aptly characterised by Margalit Stender-Lonke who said:
/.../ I was saved by many people: Frau Holzman, Natalija Pavlovna, Olga Pavlovna Dauguvietienė, Madam Mongirdienė, the Satkevičius family, and Vladas Varčikas, who developed contact with the Satkevičius family in order that they would save me. Everyone hid me. But Sofija Binkienė was hiding everyone. She was committed to saving everyone in the real sense of the word, everyone she was able to save. /.../

From Margalit Stender-Lonke’s recollections I Think You Are My Mother
From the 4th book Hands Bringing Life and Bread.
The Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum
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